Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette: What Are You Actually Saying?

Email Etiquette

Email etiquette has been a skill that has been quite overlooked in today’s workplace and is a skill that is simply not focused on. This is a huge problem when it comes to a workplace setting. I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions; how many times have you sent an email without a subject line? Are you guilty of responding to emails before fully reading through them? Do you proof your emails before sending? Chances are, you probably are guilty of all of these, which most of us are. This is poor email etiquette. Don’t worry, this is a completely solvable problem! Let’s walk through these in more detail:

Email Subject Lines

An email subject line is exactly what it sounds like, the subject of the email you are sending. This is the place where you should provide as much succinct detail as possible. This space should be used to provide a clear way for the reader to know what this email is pertaining to before they even open it. Providing a detailed subject line will also help the reader if they need to refer back to this email, allowing them to easily search for it in their mailbox. Take home message, take time and craft a well thought out subject line. Make it short and sweet but still descriptive.

Reading Emails

Because we live in such a fast-paced environment, it is way too easy for us to glance at an email and respond before reading the entire message. This leads to a number of problems, including; missed content, unanswered questions, and miscommunications. This is an easy one to remedy, read the entire message in the email.

Proofing Emails

Again, because we are the right now generation and we want to move as quickly as possible, proofing gets overlooked. Well, the problem with sending a message without proofing it is you are human and will make mistakes. Slow down. Carefully read through what you are sending. Make sure it makes sense, is thorough, and clearly communicates your message.

Email Etiquette, It’s Not as Easy as it Sounds

Email Etiquette

While everything I have just gone through may sound like a no-brainer, the fact is a very high majority of people will continue to make these mistakes on a daily basis, sending emails with poor etiquette. Don’t be that guy, make a consicous effort to improve your email communication.