Flexibility = Employee Happiness

Flexibility equals employee happiness

As someone who has worked in just about every industry, there is one thing that I have found to be true across the board no matter what industry you are in…we all hate our jobs at one point or another. Are we all nodding in agreement? I thought so!

Why do we hate our jobs? Great question, but very hard to generally answer as the reasons can vary greatly from one workplace to another. However, I have found that in traditional office settings more flexibility equals happier employees. Meaning, we hate our jobs less if there is more flexibility.

So, what do I mean by flexibility?

  • Allowing employees to set their own hours – within reason
  • The ability to work remote – if possible
  • Taking unpaid time off – if employees are out of PTO, allowing them to take unpaid days off
  • Dress code – being flexible with what employees are allowed to wear
  • Do not micro manage – checking in is good, however, no one likes to be micromanaged, it makes employees feel undervalued and not trusted

Hey, Employers…Small Changes Make a Big Difference

flexibility equals employee happiness

As employees, we have little control most of the time over office protocol and that is why I am speaking to you employers! Your employees will hate their jobs less if you give them a little flexibility! Don’t you ultimately want happier employees who actually like coming to work? Of course, you do! So, lighten up a bit…For example, if you work in a very conservative environment, give your employees one day a work to dress however they like. This is a small change, but can actually help your employees look forward to coming to work for that casual workday!

Other Small Changes That Increase Employee Happiness

  • Take a meeting on the go – get your employees out of the office and mix up the traditional meeting setting
  • Show them that you appreciate them – buy them lunch or plan a happy hour on the company’s dollar
  • If possible let them work remote – I know that this is not an option for every work environment, but if it is possible, give your employees this option or have them earn it through setting goals for them to achieve
  • Give them the option to take an unpaid day off – sometimes employees really need that mental health day, but they are out of PTO – give them the option

Take home message, I know that some employees will be problem children. Meaning, they will do something stupid to ruin it for everyone. However, don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Go case by case and give your employees freedom and flexibility they can handle.