Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

So, you have a website and now you may be wondering if there are areas that could be improved upon. Well, chances are that there probably are. Because the digital world moves at such a fast pace this leaves businesses websites in need of regular maintenance. Not only should a website be regularly maintained, but it is also a good idea to have your website analyzed on a yearly basis to ensure that all pages have been optimized, best SEO practices are being followed, website speed is optimal, it is optimized for mobile, and much more. This is done through a complete website audit.

What to expect in a full website audit:

  • Every page on your website will be analyzed for SEO
  • Website speed will be analyzed on mobile and desktop
  • Any website crawl issues will be found
  • Recommendations will be made for improving overall website functionality

Not only should you have your website analyzed on an annual basis, but it is also essential that an experienced web developer should regularly monitor your website. This ensures that your website will always be performing at it’s best.

What to expect in website maintenance:

  • Website is updated as needed
  • Monitor website for any suspicious activity
  • Basic website changes
  • An experienced web developer will closely monitor your website

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