Freelancers, Dress for Success

When it comes to being a freelance contractor there are tons of benefits which include a flexible schedule, working remote, and much more. However, freelancers tend to become a little too comfortable. What I mean here is, more times than not when I meet with a new freelancer they show up to our meeting looking like they just rolled out of bed. I get that our meeting is not a formal interview by any means, but whether we like it or not our physical appearance is usually the first thing people make an impression on. Honestly, if you look a bit disheveled or a little too casual that is how your work will come across. Not good…

Here are some tips for dressing for success as a freelancer:

  1. Know your environment – Where are you meeting? This will help you determine what is appropriate to wear.
  2. Know your audience – Who are you meeting with? If you are meeting with a large client you may want to dress more business casual than if you were to meet with a small local cafe owner.
  3. Avoid sweats – Anytime you are meeting with a client no matter how big or small, sweats should never be worn.
  4. Layers – This is one of the greatest tricks ever as a freelancer. When you are casually working at a coffee shop, dress casual, something like jeans and a t-shirt. But be prepared for that afternoon meeting by bringing with a clean ironed button-down shirt, a sweater, and some accessories. After your meeting, you can then get back into casual mode.
  5. Plan head to toe – That’s right, your footwear matters. Shoes can either dress an outfit down or dress it up.
  6. Personal hygiene – This seems like a simple one, but you should always smell nice for a meeting as well as look put together with clean styled hair. This includes facial hair as well, groom and trim that beard before your meeting!
  7. Dress for an interview – When it doubt, dress like you are going for an interview. When you are meeting a client for the first time it is very much like an interview, show your client you care and are professional.